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Tackling Tough Topics with Faith and Fiction
This faith-based resource uses fiction to help you talk to 11-14-year-olds about sensitive issues like pornography, cyberbullying, modesty, body image, depression, and more. Also included are statistics, Scriptural and Catechism connections, discussion questions, activities, prayers, and other helpful features. The flexible format makes this a useful resource for a variety of settings and situations.







Family Matters - Thirteen Short Stories Edited by Jaymie Stuart Wolfe

(includes one of my stories)

Here's another fun-to-read collection from Pauline Books and Media! As you'll see in these stories, families and the kinds of things they deal with come in all varieties. One thing, though, remains the same: Family Matters!

Goodness Graces! Ten Short Stories about the Sacraments

This collection uses fun-to-read stories to teach about the sacraments. In each story, a contemporary kid facing life's problems finds strength through a sacrament and builds a better relationship with God. An introduction explaining the meaning of the sacraments and reflection questions for each story make this an excellent resource for teachers and parents.



Celebrate the Season! Twelve Short Stories for Advent and Christmas - Edited by Diane M. Lynch

(Includes stories by Diana R. Jenkins)

These stories about Advent and Christmas remind kids that Jesus comes to us every day, in many ways, when we open our hearts to him. Kids can enjoy reading this book on their own, but teachers and parents will find it useful, too.

The Stepping Stones Journals

These are the journals of Suki, Denver, Alberto, and Chantal of the comic strip Stepping Stones. The friends face challenges at school and home and must handle new responsibilities. Can their friendships survive the added pressure? Even children who profess a dislike for reading will love this easy, entertaining, and fun read!

Family Ties - Thirteen Short Stories Edited by Diane M. Lynch

(Includes stories by Diana R. Jenkins)

This collection features stories about the rewards — and the challenges — of family life. While family interaction isn’t always easy, healthy, strong family relationships are vital to the development of every child. Family Ties provides engaging stories for children that they will relate to and enjoy.


Spotlight on Saints! A Year of Funny Readers Theater for Today's Catholic Kids

In this collection of humorous scripts, contemporary kids with real-life problems learn about the saints and get inspired to do the right thing. The book includes a play for every month of the year, each featuring a particular saint. These scripts teach basic information about the saints, promote good values, motivate, and inspire. And they're fun, too!



Stepping Stones: The Comic Collection  (Illustrated by Chris Sabatino)

Join in the adventures of Denver, Chantal, Suki, and Alberto as they journey, step by step, along the path toward God. The friends deal with everyday concerns such as peer pressure, bullying, community service projects, family relationships, and more. This comic book treasury contains the complete "Stepping Stones" series which originally appeared in My Friend: the Catholic Magazine for Kids. (For ideas and activities to use with this book go to the Pauline Kids Blog!)


Friend 2 Friend -Twelve Short Stories Edited by Diane M. Lynch

(includes stories by Diana R. Jenkins)

This collection of twelve short stories features different aspects of friendship—jealousy, competitive streaks, loneliness. The stories show how friends confront and resolve their problems and misunderstandings through faith and good humor. Friend 2 Friend teaches kids about the importance of honesty and discussion (and laughter!) in their relationships.


Now You’re Cooking! Ten Short Stories with Recipes

Edited by Diane M. Lynch (includes stories by Diana R. Jenkins)

Honorable Mention at 2010 Catholic Press Association Awards

These short stories cook up tales of friendship, fun, laughter, and—food! Each story involves food or cooking and is followed by step-by-step kid-friendly recipes. Encourage your children to become regular readers and then help them cook up tasty meals and treats!

Saints of Note - The Comic Collection (Illustrated by Patricia Storms)

Winner of Third Place for Children's Books at 2010 Catholic Press Association Awards

This comic collection takes children on a journey with time-travelers Paul and Cecilia as they journey to the past and meet saints from around the world and throughout history. Their exciting adventures bring the saints to life and make them meaningful for children today. Saints of Note is packed with biographical information, facts, quotes, prayers, and more!

The Catholic Journalist says: "Saints of Note connects modern children's 'real' problems with the lives of a saint. The presentation aids in the resolution of the problems and teaches about each saint. It gives a clear example that no problem is new and the same feelings have been felt by saints."


All Year Long! Funny Readers Theatre For Life's Special Times, is available from ABC-CLIO. This book's humorous plays are themed to fit the special days and times throughout the year such as the first day of school, Columbus Day, Halloween, a snow day, Presidents Day. etc.


My first book of kids' plays, Just Deal With It! Funny Readers Theatre For Life's Not-So-Funny Moments, is still available from ABC-CLIO. These humorous, contemporary plays scripts deal with the real-life problems that are a part of growing up.


Stalker Mom and Other Plays

This collection of humorous scripts offers young actors funny characters they’ll enjoy playing and contemporary problems they’ll find relevant. Clever dialogue, quick pacing, and surprising developments make these scripts fun for performers and audiences alike. The plays utilize flexible casts and simple props, sets, and costumes for easy production. Available from Baker's Plays.



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